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Basic Configuration Setup

<section name="EmailNotificationSettings" type="EmailNotification.Config.EmailNotificationConfigurationSectionHandler, EmailNotification" allowLocation="false" allowDefinition="Everywhere"/>
<EmailNotificationSettings isEnabled="true">
<ServerSettings smtpServer="" isSSLEnabled="true" smtpServerConnectionLimit="4" smtpServerPassword="password"
smtpServerUser="" smtpServerRequiredLogin="true"/>
<DefaultFrom emailAddress="" displayName="Store"></DefaultFrom>
<TestEmailAccounts isTestEmailAccountsBlocked="true">
<add account=""></add>


Key Options Description
isEnabled true/false Turn email notifications on/off
Server Settings    
smtpServer   The name or IP address of the host used for SMTP transactions.
smtpServerPort 25 The port used for SMTP transactions.
isSSLEnabled false Specify whether the SmtpClient uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the connection.
smtpServerConnectionLimit no max The maximum amount of emails to send every 15 seconds.
smtpServerUser   The user used for authenticating SMTP transactions.
smtpServerPassword   The password used for authenticating SMTP transactions.
smtpServerRequiredLogin false Specify whether the SmtpClient requires a login when connection is established.
useDefaultCredentials   A Boolean value that controls whether the DefaultCredentials are sent with requests.
timeout   A value that specifies the amount of time after which a synchronous Send call times out.
emailAddress   The default <from> email address used when sending emails.
displayName   The default <from> display name used when sending emails.
isTestEmailAccountsBlocked false Specify whether emails for defined accounts are ignored when the service sends emails.
account   A email address that will be ignored when sending emails.

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